Us and Our Story

Our journey with the understanding of knowledge, experience, and innovativeness, began with the establish of our company in 1966. Every new day, new solutions, and above all, the happiness of the manufacturing with quality, is crowned by the trust of people we served.

We bring together so many different views with expertise by the power and confidence we took in from our roots, and the solutions in accordance with the necessities of the time.

Today, in the furniture we manufacture in all processes from production to implementation, and from technical information to elegant details, we touch thousands of people’s lives, and we put distinctive signature of our imagination to our work.

We exhibit elegancies of our manufacturing ability in our 6,000 square meters factory with our expert staff, and we are continuing our work with the search for the best.

Manufacturing is a Work of Powerful Vision.

Because of having a history of thousands of years and having an appeal that transforms spaces into livable places, and being a healthy, and organic material; wood is continuing to be the name of elegance in our furniture today as it was yesterday.

From Wood to Life

Projects as a result of our design and manufacturing style combining with quality and care, became a part of so many people’s life to this day.

We are proud of taking great care to make furniture and wood practices which are buildings’ most seen parts for many years, and we aim for combine it with elegance, joyous, cozy, colorful, and stylish designs in the future.

Innovation and being distinctive are our priorities
quality, right timing, and confidence are our essentials…